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Speed Reading: The New Definition

Tony Buzan has been associated with the fields of speed reading, memory, and mindmapping for decades.

Outlined here is his 'new definition' of the reading process which is very important to grasp before embarking on a speed reading program.

The new definition involves:

1. Recognition
Knowledge of the alphabet, the medium used to convey thoughts to the eyes and then to the brain.

2. Assimilation
The physical process by which the image is reflected from the page, to the eye, then to the brain.

3. Intra-integration
Linking parts of the information being read to other appropriate parts - basic comprehension.

4. Extra-integration
Linking what you read with all your previous knowledge of the subject and then making connections, and appraisals.

5. Retention
Basic storage of information.

6. Recall
Getting back from storage what you need when you need it.

7. Communication
Putting the information to use through speaking, writing, or even thinking an an ongoing process of extra-integration.

An individual will benefit much more from any speed reading exercise by grasping an understanding of these component parts of the reading process.

Additionally, the eye moves and pauses during reading. Information is absorbed only during the pauses!

By spending less time on each pause, a vast improvement in reading speed can be realized.

Get much more detail about these fundamental concepts involved by getting a copy of Tony Buzan's book:
"Speed Reading"


Additional Resources:

Speed Reading Audio Course

"How-To Double Your Reading Speed In Just 16-Minutes...Or Your Money Back - GUARANTEED!"

Authors Marvin Haycock & Melvin Ng say:

"The best part is that the entire program consists of just one short (5-pages of notes) electronic booklet in PDF format (no need to wait for shipping, you can download the book instantly) and 5-audio clips (MP3 format, each about 4-minutes in length).

"WARNING! If you want pages and pages of material and oodles of theory, this program is NOT FOR YOU (I really can’t help you)!

"But if you want the exact same PROVEN system that has since it's development helped hundreds of people (including myself) to double their reading speed in just 16-minutes – you’ve found it!

I don’t offer you anything except the techniques and actual skills that unleash your higher reading speeds, if you would like to expand on why this program works you can feel free to go to the library and pick out a few of the speed-snoring…erm *cough* speed-reading books on the shelf."

Check Out This 16 Minute Speed Reading Program Here


Speed Reading Manual

The name Evelyn Wood is synonymous with speed reading.

A paperback, outlining her course, explains what it takes to be a superior student.

1. High-speed assimilation and comprehension of all sorts of subject matter

2. The ability to recall that subject matter later during testing.

Learn the principles of Mental Soaring by reading the book below, an essential addition to your library if you are researching and implementing new reading skills.

Remember Everything You Read
The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program
by Stanley D. Frank (Author)


"The New Science of Speed Reading"
By Scot Dantzer

Scott says: "In early spring 2003 I stumbled across the fascinating work of the European Psychotherapist Dr. Peter Shepherd. To put it simply, I was IMMEDIATELY blown away by his unique approach to holistic learning and self-improvement at the core...and permanent...level.

After trying just a few of his keyword noting exercises I instantly realized that ‘his way of thinking’ is a REAL breakthrough for business professionals.

It’s so totally new and unlike any accelerated learning systems on the market today, anybody in any situation can and will benefit from his simple methods."

Click here to review "The New Science of Speed Reading"


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