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Time Management Seminars: Resources Index

On this page - Time Management Seminars for:

  • USA Nationwide
  • USA Brought To Your Location
  • USA New York
  • USA California
  • Worldwide

Time Management Seminars: USA Nationwide
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What to Expect from the Workshop

The program moves from big-picture to highly-specific: You'll begin by developing life strategies, and end by choosing your favorites from a menu of 100 quick, clever time-savers.

Along the way, you'll explore the habit patterns that define professional achievement. You'll use these "Five Points on the Time Superstar" as a memorable resource for time effectiveness.

Time Management Seminars: USA Nationwide OR Brought To Your Location

What You Will Cover

  • How to calculate the value of your time
  • Evaluating your own time management issues and style
  • How to use the various tools of communication
  • Coping with change and time pressure
  • Take the Time Mastery Profile
  • Identify time wasters
  • Identify your own challenges in organizing your work day
  • Set goals and action plans
  • Guidelines for prioritizing effectively
  • Changing the urgent/important paradigm in your life
  • Using the IOK method
  • Effective meeting planning: the ten steps to conducting effective meetings
  • Time pressures in the wired workplace
  • Tools and techniques for effective multi-tasking
  • Stress - you know you have it and how to deal with it
  • The four main causes of stress
  • Fifteen techniques for coping with and controlling stress

Time Management Seminars: USA New York

Bring in time management expert Jan Jasper who has worked closely with real people in their offices since 1988.

She says: "Through working one-on-one with clients, I get feedback, week after week, about what works and what doesn't work. From observing my clients, I've come to realize that much of the standard time management and organizing 'wisdom' doesn't work for a great many people.

So I've devised my own tried-and-true methods, and it's all distilled in my seminars. Don't trust a time management "expert" who speaks from the safety of their armchair. You need someone who's been in the trenches.

My seminars are content-rich, yet delivered with warmth and humor."

Time Management Seminars: USA California

The Optimize Your Time: Don't Just Manage It! seminar enables you to define your ultimate purpose and highest priorities.

You learn how to employ Optimal Thinking consistently and identify the thinking which stops you from being your best and then set your SUPREME goals.

You create your Optimal plan (your fastest route to success) and learn how to overcome procrastination, temporary setbacks, obstacles and roadblocks, with minimum time loss.

You learn how to make best use of your daily calendar, and how to consistently take the most productive actions to achieve what is most important.

Time Management Seminars: Worldwide

QPC is a global business research company that produces in excess of one thousand cutting edge conferences, seminars and industry forums around the world each year.

On the home page, look for the search box in the top left of the page and enter "time management seminars".

A comprehensive list of time management seminars will then be listed showing events all over the world.


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