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Tardiness - How To Analyze It!

Time Management Guide Part 22

Tardiness can convey a very unprofessional image. It can cause exasperation in your colleagues, family and friends, and increase stress levels in yourself and others.

Good reasons in themselves to get a handle on this problem.

Here is a simple strategy:

The solution is to work your time backwards.

For example, start to calculate the time you need to reach your destination not starting from your home but from the destination itself. You could try writing it down until you become comfortable with such a mental chart.

The chart could look like this:

  • Time needed to reach the office in the elevator: 1 minute

  • Time needed to park car and get to the ground floor elevator: 2 minutes

  • Time needed to find parking space: 5 minutes

  • Time needed to drive to office from home: 20 minutes

  • Time needed to reach car park from apartment: 3 minutes

  • Time needed to lock apartment: 1 minute

  • Time needed to dress and get ready: 15 minutes

  • Time needed in bathroom/shower: 15 minutes

Now you just have to add up these figures and you will get an exact idea of how long it takes you to get to office.

Remember to calculate in time for unforeseen events. It would be a god thing for example to anticipate a traffic jam and give your self some grace time for that.

Similarly finding a parking space can sometimes prove to be more trickier than a treasure hunt. So you could give yourself a couple of minutes extra time here and there if such activities are involved.

These values are purely an estimate, they vary of course from person to person.

If you work backwards like this, you can get a very accurate idea of how long you will need for something.

Then how can you possibly go wrong?


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