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Workaholic Self Test

Time Management Guide Part 20

Sometimes the preoccupation with time can make a person a workaholic.

Are you a workaholic? Well, why donít you find out?

All you have to do is answer yes or no to the following questions:

    1. Do you find yourself constantly preoccupied with your work?

    2. Do your family and friends complain that they hardly get to see you?

    3. Do you take your work with you when you go home?

    4. Do you find it increasingly difficult to get time to relax and have fun?

    5. Do you find it difficult to have food at the correct times?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of those questions you might have a problem!

Note: Workaholism is very different from meeting deadlines. We all get deadlines and times when work just piles up in the office. But that should be a passing phase, probably like when an audit or an inspection is taking place.

That is not workaholism. In such a situation everyone just joins the team and works as hard as possible to get things done in the best possible way within the limited time.

Unlike meeting deadlines, workaholism is very different thing. You need to learn to identify and deal with workaholism.

Contrary to popular belief workaholism is in reality counter productive. It can lead to burnout!

Consider this scene:

You have been working a little more than harder the whole day. Towards the end of the day you realize, or you just come to know that there is some urgent work to be done that must be dispatched the following day.

Option 1: Already exhausted from a busy day, you continue on until it is very late. It goes without saying that even if you finish, the work will be far from satisfactory.

Option 2: You take a quick look at the work and estimate how long it will take you.

Then you put it out of your mind, pack up your things, clear up your workstation and leave with everyone else, bidding a cheerful goodnight.

You reach home in the best of spirits and have a great evening with your family or friends.

You go to sleep early and wake up thoroughly refreshed in the morning. You work out for sometime, have a shower and a good breakfast and try to reach your office a little earlier than usual.

Now you sit down to do the work, your mind is focused, and you turn out quality work in minimal time.

Which option is preferable?


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