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Advantages Of Planning - Outlining Plans Intelligently

Time Management Guide Part 18

What is a plan?

No, we are not referring to a fuzzy mental picture that we cart around in our heads that is in one word VAGUE.

We mean a real plan in black and white, that is, put down on a piece of paper.

Please do not underestimate the importance of a written down plan. Once we write down something it clears up a lot of hazy areas and opens aspects that we probably overlooked.

And most important of all is that only with a plan can we get a rough estimate at least of how much time the course of action would take.

Plans should always be time bound and there we get the relation between time management and planning.

In fact planning is as fundamental to time management as organizing and prioritizing.

The 7 advantages of planning

    1. Planning better defines the course of action that we propose to undertake

    2. Planning gives a rough estimate of the time required for a project

    3. Planning gives us a fairly good idea about the expenses involved in the project. In fact a budget is only a financial plan

    4. Planning helps us to get prepared for emergencies that may arise during the course of the project

    5. A well thought out plan gives us a clear idea about want is to be done every day, every week and every month

    6. Planning helps avoid duplication of labor

    7. A plan gives everyone a clear idea of their respective role in the project

We should have both short term plans as well as long term strategy plans. At the same time we should also try to draft out contingency plans to deal with a crisis if it arises.

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