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The Key To Multitasking -
Choose Your Tasks Well

Time Management Guide Part 12

The key to multitasking is that if you choose to do two things at the same time make sure that one of those things is not very important and does not require much attention.

Otherwise, by dividing your attention to both those things, you might end up with two half baked pies, i.e. two finished tasks that are in no way complete.

The human brain is a remarkable thing, there is no denying that. But all the same, trying to focus your attention on two important things at the same time, is really asking for too much.

If you want to get a real feel of what I mean try tapping your foot and snapping your fingers at the same time but to a different beat. Before you know it, one will have reached the beat of the other.

But of course, it is all a matter of common sense when it comes to choosing which two things that you can do together at the same time.

It certainly will be ridiculous for you to choose to clip you nails while you are attending a board meeting. And it would be in bad taste to use a tooth pick while dictating a letter to your secretary.

But you can carry your laptop while you are traveling and work on it during a flight or train journey.

The concept of doing two things at the same time is the underlying idea behind a working lunch. You get to eat and at the same time you get to do business.

Here's a tip as far as working lunches are concerned. It is always better to meet and do business with an important client over lunch - a lunch for which you are footing the bill of course.

One of the advantages is that there is a lesser chance for disturbance at a restaurant. But the most important advantage is that when two people sit together and eat together and probably have a glass of wine or two, they kind of open up. Good food has that effect on people.

Generally speaking, if your stomach is happy and contented and your taste buds are tickled, then you are happy. In such a circumstance you feel happy with whole world. And as for the person who treated you to such a good lunch, oh well, the deal is his. There, you got your business didnít you?


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