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Handling Deadlines - Delegating Your Work Intelligently

Time Management Guide Part 10

Due to severe time contraints sometimes placed on you or your company, handling deadlines needs to be managed intelligently.

Delegation can be a manager's best time saver. The three advantages of delegating are:

1. Delegating gives us more time to concentrate on more important issues.

2. Delegating is a very good method of giving practical training in the real situation to our staff.

3. It is a good method of fostering decision making among subordinates.

Not all tasks can be delegated of course. There are certain criteria to be taken into consideration before delegating a task.

The criteria can include these guidelines:

  • If the task is repetitive, by all means delegate.

  • If the decision can be reversed quickly and easily, it is safe to delegate.

  • Check and see if the impact is not too much on others in case the decision is wrong.

  • Check and see how much money or what resources are involved in the decision.

  • Check if delegating this particular job is within the companies existing policies.

Mental discipline is needed to sit down and work out a plan.

In this way, if you prioritize you can decide which jobs should be done first, who should do it and what should be done when.

Incorporating these suggestions when handling deadlines can take away much of the headache.


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