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Meeting Deadlines - Prioritizing And Organizing Your Work

Time Management Guide Part 9

Meeting deadlines can cause panic.

Is there any way out of this? Of course.

For one thing, if we are well organized and an urgent requirement, like the submission of a project comes upon us, there is nothing to sweat about. All we have to do is to compile the material that we already have with us. Easy enough it sounds!

But in real life we are not just called upon to submit reports of already completed projects. We usually get projects and fewer days than required to complete those projects. Then what do we do?

The only way out seems to be working extra hours. That is not altogether harmful. It never hurts to work a few extra hours once in a while.

But another alternative is to prioritize.

See whether you can arrange your work in such away that you get to do the more important tasks first. If there is some daily work that doesn’t call for too much urgency, keep it aside. Concentrate on the more important tasks.

Similarly, while you are working to meet your deadline, there may be a thousand and one distractions at your work place or office.

You will have to decide which is more important, attending to those distractions or focusing on your work.

If you can afford to turn off your cell phone, go ahead and do it. Similarly, you could even keep your land phone off the hook if that doesn't cause too much irritation.



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