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More Time Wasters -
Tackling Them Intelligently

Time Management Guide Part 5

Time Killers - How To Handle 4 to 6

4. Meetings

Not surprisingly lengthy meetings and discussions can prove to be awful time killers particularly if the meeting does not have a clear agenda and if there are people who love to talk among the group.

It has been found that most middle and senior level mangers spend nearly 70% of their work time talking. And in most organizations, parleying has been made into a fine art.

5. Bad Machinery/Equipment

Bad machinery is a time waster. How many of us have wanted to sit and scream and bang the daylights out of a pc that does not give us the required data or information.

A computer that takes a long time to start up, a photocopier that gives shamefully faint photocopies, even a leaky faucet or a stubborn drawer or door knob can waste a lot of time and send us up the wall.

If you have such equipment or machinery, get it changed at the earliest possible date.

It is worth the amount of time and energy that you waste on it every day.

6. Long queues

Long queues certainly waste a lot of time. That does not mean that you have to jump the queue.

If you can get the job done over the telephone or can reserve your ticket in advance, do it, even if it means a few extra dollars, it is worth the time you may have to spend waiting.

Apart from these each person may have particular time wasters, like for instance, a car that refuses to start in the morning, difficult hair that insists on looking like Medusas head on a bad snake day, an elevator that takes for ever to reach your floor.

Use your common sense and try to find alternate methods or even better, if you cannot find an alternate method, you could put the time to some use like read your morning paper in the elevator.

You will get a better idea of how to get over time killers once we handle the section called the time savers.



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