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How To Beat It

Procrastination is often a result of two main causes:

1. The task in hand is overwhelming

2. The task in hand is unpleasant

Here are ways to beat procrastination resulting from an OVERWHELMING task:

Start by planning - breaking the overwhelming task into manageable chunks.

Get started on the task right away by taking a small slice at a time.

Use a time slice as small as five minutes and start on the easiest part of the task. (Often, once you are involved, the momentum builds and procrastination retreats!)

Get more information about the overwhelming task. Speak to others, gather more details. The more you know, the overwhelming task can shrink and get more into perspective.

Start repeating to yourself all the benefits that will come from completing the task.

Describe in graphic terms the worst possible consequences from NOT completing the task.

Setting a deadline can kill procrastination as the mind gets locked on to the 'mission' to complete the task in a pre-determined time span.

In planning, write out the steps in advance. As you come towards the end of one step, you automatically have the next step in mind, making it more difficult to put the task off through procrastination.

Here are ways to beat procrastination resulting from an UNPLEASANT task:

Deal with the task immediately, just meet it head on.

Repeat to yourself the greater unpleasantness that will result from not carrying out the task.

Build enthusiasm for the results from the task which will overshadow the unpleasantness of actually completing the task.

Seriously ask yourself:

"What is the price of procrastination in this case and am I willing to pay it?"

Reason, "If I am going to do this job eventually anyway I might as well do it now and get it out of the way!"

Think of ways to reward yourself at various stages through the task.

These procrastination beaters are powerful. However, what is set out above is merely the outline.

Alan Lakein, a renowned time-management consultant, deals extensively with these ideas in pages 102-148 of his best-seller:
"How To Get Control Of Your Time And Your Life"

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