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Personal Goals: How To Release The Brakes

Personal goals are crucial if we are to break free of limiting beliefs and assumptions.

Fear can be a powerful brake, slowing us down or preventing us from reaching our personal goals.

To release the brake follow these suggestions:

Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you'd like to improve in your life that relates to your personal growth.

The main point in developing these personal goals is to write down everything and anything you can imagine without letting your mind stop.

Think of short-term and long-term goals. It doesn't matter. Just keep writing.

Brainstorm personal goals for a mimimum of five minutes. Just keep writing.

Does an idea sound ridiculous? Write it down.

Does setting a personal goal in a certain area seem totally unreachable, or unrealistic? Still write it down!

Sometimes seemingly impossible ideas, or off-the-wall imaginings can lead to great things.

Brainstorming personal goals may include questions such as:

  • What would I like to experience, achieve, or master in my life?

  • What are some personality characteristics I would like develop?

  • What patterns of frustration, fear, or rejection would I like to break?

  • What are my personal goals for mental, social, or spiritual development?

Once you have your list of personal goals that really excite you, take a minute to give a time line to each one.

Follow the suggestions in the 20 minute tutorial and make your personal goals comes to life.

The above information barely scratches the surface.

Research the resource below and release the brakes from your personal goals!

Tony Robbins excellent book "Awaken the Giant Within" develops this information further on pages 290-292 under the heading:
"Personal Development Goals".

It contains a number of leading questions which really get the mind thinking beyond self-imposed limitations.

Learn more about "Awaken the Giant Within" here:



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