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Personal Goal Setting: The Main Purpose

If we believe that just achieving goals is the purpose behind personal goal setting, we are failing to realize the true impact.

As personal goal setting develops, events are set in motion with consequences often far beyond what we originally imagined or intended.

Personal goal setting therefore is important not only to accomplish an end result but also to concentrate our efforts, and focus our vision on progress.

Personal goal setting keeps moving us forward in progressive development.

Obstacles have to be overcome in any personal goal setting exercise.

Often, the lessons we learn from dealing with these challenges, the skills we hone from tackling and successfully overcoming these problems, equip us with valuable tools we apply in numerous areas of life.

Our feeling of achievement and long-lasting sense of fullfillment are integral in the personal goal setting PROCESS, not just the end result.

To get the purpose of personal goal setting into focus, think of the kind of person you need to become to achieve that goal.

What characteristics, personality traits, personal qualities, will you need to develop to achieve that goal? In other words, who do you need to be?

If you can write a paragraph concisely answering those questions, you have then discovered the main purpose of setting that goal.

Keeping the above information in mind will prevent personal goal setting from being merely an academic exercise.

This information is masterfully explained on pages 302-303 of Anthony Robbins best-seller:
"Awaken the Giant Within"

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