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Personal Development: The Program of Presidents!

It has been called the "Program of Presidents"

In the area of personal development, there is one training course that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Many millionaires credit their success to "Lead the Field" - a timeless training course by Earl Nightingale.


Click Here For "Lead the Field"

Just review some of the highlights:

The Magic Word - Attitude

You are responsible for how your life turns out. Learn how to develop a winning attitude.

Acres of Diamonds

Your mind is your richest resource. Learn how to use a key question to get the most out of every day.


Discover all you can accomplish by learning the secrets to setting and achieving your goals in your personal development.

Miracle of Your Mind

Our understanding of the mind's potential has increased a hundredfold in recent years. See how to use this new information to solve problems and create new ideas.

Destiny in the Balance

Discover the immutable law that governs all personal and financial success.

Seed for Achievement

Learn how to fulfill your own unique combination of powers in personal development.

It's Easier to Win

See how to get to the top 5% and break away from the crowd.

How Much Are You Worth

Discover a new way in which to view yourself so you will greatly increase your ability to capitalize on future opportunities.

Let's Talk About Money

How to get your fair share and use two steps to boost your income significantly.

One Thing You Can't Hide

The single factor that controls to a significant degree the amount of money you will earn and the caliber of people with whom you will associate.

Today's Great Adventure

In this exciting session discover a wonderful way to keep achieving your goals, one after the other, in the years ahead. How to make all your efforts count.

The Person on the White Horse

How to be an outstanding leader. How to become a sponge for information. How to reap the abundant harvest in your personal development.

On a personal note: I obtained a set of "Lead the Field" tapes a few years ago. Out of all my collection, this is the one I have played the most. "Miracle of Your Mind" is almost worn out, I never tire of the message and inspiration it gives!

For anyone remotely interested in personal development, this is a 'must have'!

Do yourself a favor, get your own set. You won't be able to put it down!

Click Here For "Lead the Field"


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