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Goal Statements: Guidelines

Writing goal statements is a crucial element in the goal achievement process.


By putting thoughts into words, intangible thoughts and ideas take on shape, form, and substance.

Goal statements therefore should be given careful consideration and allocated sufficient time for development.

It is important to write and re-write goal statements.

In this way, a concise, pithy, motivating slogan is developed as your goal objective or goal statement.

Don't be content with a first draft.

Rephrase it, compact it, add motivating adjectives and phrases.

Let it simmer for a day or two. Come back to it. Refine it again.

While you can 'pirate' goal statements from goal setting web sites or goal setting books, it is even better to create your own goal statements.

You can use 'ready mades' as a starting point if you find it difficult to get that first draft, but from there on, improve on it, change it, refine it, according to your own special circumstances or objectives.

The benefits of this are:

Your own mind is triggered into creative thinking about the goal and what you want to achieve for yourself, personally

Goal statements you personally craft will include the insights and angles which are unique to you through your own experience and desires in life - hence they will be more motivating

Your satisfaction and sense of achievement will be greater as you realize the objectives your goal statements focus on

GoalPro software encourages users to set goal statements or objectives as the first step in setting up a goal plan. The software comes with an excellent manual.

Download the free demo version and play with it for the 30 day trial period. Even if you decide not to keep it, the exercise alone will give you practice in crafting powerful, motivating, goal statements.
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