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Goal Setting Success Guide -
Time Management Skills

Time management skills you need to master in the goal achievement process:

Time Management Skills #1: Always define your goals as clearly as possible

Do you find you are not doing what you want to do just because your goals have not been set properly yet?

One of the factors which make successful and happy people stand out is their ability to work out what they want to achieve and have written goals which they can review them constantly.

Your long term goals should impact on your daily activities and be included on your "to do" list. Without a goal or objective people tend to just drift off personally and professionally

Time Management Skills #2: Analyze your use of time.

Are you spending enough time on the projects which although may not be urgent now but are things that you need to do to develop yourself or your career?

If you are constantly asking yourself “What can I do to make things easier for me right now?" it will help you to focus on 'important tasks' and stop reacting to tasks which seem urgent (or pleasant to do) but carry no importance towards your goals.

Try getting and using a personal calendar, setting reminders on your computer, cell phone or palm pilot.

Time Management Skills #3: Have a plan

How can you achieve your goals without a plan? I don’t even think that is possible.

Most people know what they want but have no plan to achieve it except by sheer hard work. What’s the point in doing hard work when you don’t know how to apply it?

Your yearly plan should be reviewed daily and reset as your achievements are met. Successful people make lists constantly.

It enables them to stay on top of priorities and enable them to remain flexible to changing priorities. This should be done for both personal and business goals.

Time Management Skills #4: Action plan analysis

Problems will always happen when you set a plan. The value of a good plan is to identify them early and seek out solutions immediately.

Good time management enables you to measure the progress towards your goals because "What you can measure, you can control".

Always try to be proactive in the achievement of successfully managing your time.

Time management skills are not hard to understand, but unless you are committed to building better time management skills into your daily routine you'll only achieve partial (or no) results and end up right back where you started.

By setting goals and eliminating time wasters and doing this everyday you may find you will have extra time in the week to spend on those people and activities most important to you.

You have to commit yourself to developing better time management skills and remember to include time for yourself.



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