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Goal Setting Success Guide -
Do's and Don'ts Of Goal Setting

Goal setting Doís & Doníts

This can be a quick guide for re-reading later:

Doís Doníts

Do: Visualize your desired outcome

Don't: Go into your goal with a defeatist attitude

Doís Doníts

Do: Write down your course of action in an easy step-by-step format that can be checked off with each accomplishment

Don't: Try to memorize all of the steps as most will be forgotten

Doís Doníts

Do: Think positive all the time

Don't: Let yourself be overcome with the negatives or set backs

Doís Doníts

Do: Surround yourself in motivating factors and keep them in easy to spot locations

Don't: Forget the reason why you have set up your in the first place

Doís Doníts

Do: Set your plan of action as soon as you know what you want and start right away

Don't: Procrastinate in beginning your course of action

Doís Doníts

Do: Be realistic in your setting your goals

Don't: Set your goals too high to achieve them

Doís Doníts

Do: Be specific in the goals you choose

Don't: Set goals that are too vague

Doís Doníts

Do: Learn to be organized in your thinking patterns

Don't: Make no effort to keep track of all of your achievements

Doís Doníts

Do: Share your achievements with those around you

Don't: Downplay your achievements

Doís Doníts

Do: Stay focused on your goals

Don't: Let yourself get off track




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