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Goal Setting Success Guide -
Artistic Goals - Ten Questions

Setting Artistic Goals

Chances are, if you are looking to set artistic goals, you already have the passion, interest, and talents. If not, perhaps part of your goal is to go to school for it.

Whatever the reason or skill level you are at, you too can make an artistic achievement, if you know how to set artistic goals and apply them.

Are you the kind of person that always admired the artistic people of the world like singers, actors, writers, poets, and painters? Have you always wondered what masterpieces you could create if you only had the time?

Before trying to achieve your artistic goals, you should first be certain that you know all of the steps needed to begin. You should also know what your personal skill level is so that you begin chasing your artistic goals on the right track from the beginning.

Ask yourself these questions before sinking into it.

1. What style of art most interests me, for example music, painting, writing etc.?

2. What is my current skill level?

3. Do I want to pursue it as a hobby or possible side career?

4. Do I need to go to school or a training course?

5. Am I looking for certification or just basic skills?

6. Do I have the time to go to school or a training course?

7. Am I just trying to relieve stress or create a masterpiece or salable work?

8. How much does doing this meant to me?

9. Is this really something that I want to pursue?

10. Will doing this make me happy?

To set and reach your artistic goals you really need to stick to them. In other words, persevere.

Art consists of 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. Just inspire yourself in the best ways that suit you. If you follow our guide and keep your focus on your artistic goals, you will succeed!

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