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Goal Setting Success Guide -
How To Use A "To Do" List

Look over your to do list.

Do you believe that you can do it?

If you have doubts, take some time to think things through first.

  • Are your expectations realistic?

  • Have you succeeded or failed at tasks that were similar to this before?

  • What can you do to improve your chances of success this time around?

  • Are you a professional procrastinator?

  • If so, what can you do to make sure that you will keep going until you reach your goal?

  • Are you afraid of failing?

If so, work at improving the skills you will need. Or test the waters by taking an evening or distance education course before you sign up for a whole program.

If you are having trouble identifying your fears or figuring out how to deal with them, talk to people you trust. Ask for their suggestions, but always make your own decisions.

Put your plan into action from your to do list.

By this stage, you probably have more than one to do list. Now you need to put them all together into one comprehensive plan.

You must list tasks in the order in which you must complete them and set deadlines for the completion of any major plans.

Successful career planners keep themselves on track using a variety of methods, such as:

marking tasks on a monthly calendar (noting important dates such as application deadlines or action plans)

making a weekly or daily to do list and crossing off tasks as they are completed

using a computer program to create timeline charts which give you your time limits for task completion

using a commercial appointment book or a notebook

Use whatever methods work best for you. If it is absolutely necessary, ask a friend to check on your progress occasionally or question you on your successes.

You are more likely to get things done if you know you'll be asked about it.


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