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Goal Setting Success Guide -
Career Goals: How To Set Them

Before creating career goals, draft a simple outline of the factors you may want to consider and identify when setting and analyzing your career goals in a step by step format.

Journalists have to answer all of these questions in order to get the full story. That is the same thing that you have to when setting career goals.

The Questions:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • How

Who will I ask for help? What do I want the outcome to be? Where should I start? When should I begin? How should I begin?

Who will benefit from my career goal? What will I do to get started? Where will my career goal put me in 10 years? When Do I want these goals to be reached? How will these goals affect my future?

Who will I work with to accomplish my goal? What will really make me happy? Where will I apply my resources? When will I apply my knowledge to begin attaining my goals? How do I really feel about the goals that I have chosen?

All of these questions have to be directed before you can begin to work on your career goals.

They will take some real thought and honesty to set them properly. When you have answered these questions you next have to begin to prioritize them.

Lets take a look at an example.

John Smith wants to be the President of his company one day. Right now he is a mere data entry clerk. His company is a large corporation that works with computer repairs and security. John knows everything there is to know about computer repairs and can fix almost any computer he will ever look at.

He is efficient at using and finding hackers and securing computers are not hacked into. His boss is currently ignoring his advice so John is not so sure how to go about getting his dream of being president of the company someday which he is more than capable of doing already. What should he do?

This is a time when John should begin to prioritize and decide how he can get to his goal.

When you see that your company needs help on something work in secret and bring in a finished product at the right time or schedule private meetings with your boss.

This shows that you are motivated and determined. You must take the steps in succession and not try to become a president in 1 year. That is unrealistic.

Although John will want to begin working for his long term goal he should also begin by setting short term goals that will lead him there.

The first goal can start with moving up one position at work and continue on in this method. That way he can celebrate each promotion and advancement separately and get satisfaction from the step by step progress he is making.

Just remember that you have to develop an action plan if you are going to succeed in achieving career goals.


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