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Financial Goals: Five Essential Ingredients

Before putting pen to paper and formulating financial goals, it is important to weave five key principles into your financial goals plan.

Anthony Robbins describes them in detail in his seminars.

Here they are in brief:

1. Create Wealth

Find a way to greatly increase the value of what you do. Ask: "How can I be worth more to the company I work for?"

Or start a new income stream using modern technology. Here is an example:

Do You Have Experience To Share? Products Or Services To Sell? Build an online business based upon what you know - from work experience, hobbies, passions, or past-times!

If you know your subject, and want to build an income stream with growing, diversified this page when setting your financial goals:
Reach Your Financial Goals Using This Model

2. Maintain Wealth

Include in your financial goals a budget that allows you to spend less than you earn.

Invest whatever is left.

3. Increase Your Wealth

Compounding growth will really increase the speed with which you attain your financial goals.

Reinvest the profits from your past investments.

4. Protect Your Wealth

Build into your financial goals plan a strategy for protecting your assets. Search out experts in your area who can give advice and make sure you are protected against litigation.

5. Enjoy Your Wealth

Don't wait until you have accumulated a fortune before you start enjoying the proceeds of your financial goals. Reward yourself occasionally.

Experience the joy of giving by sharing a percentage of your wealth to people or causes you care about.

When these five essential ingredients are woven into any financial goals plan, the goals become motivating.

Such goals touch emotion; they evolve from just an academic exercise of necessity into a way of life that touches the sense of abundance.

See how the principles taught by Anthony Robbins can transform your life and goals . . .


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