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A career action plan includes a systematic identification of goals, alternatives, assets, and barriers to success is required before a career action plan can be implemented.

The more specific a career action plan, the more effective it will be toward goal achievement.

Career Action Plan Characteristics

1. A career action plan is comprehensive in that it details past, present, and future experiences and goals. They provide a written way for you to identify and consider where you are going and how to get there in terms of life roles and training needs.

2. A career action plan is developmental so it can be used during the employment period with a company and even beyond. Since individuals are always in a state of transition, the plan includes elements that are responsive to the demands of any change in the employment life. They re not forms individuals fill out once and follow forever, but rather plans that are modified as new experiences are acquired or changing employment requirements are identified.

3. Career action plans are competency reference or based. They include essential information about abilities, interests, values, experiences, and achievements, and the information is linked with competencies, skills, knowledge, and attitudes required in work or to obtain new training.

Career Action Plan Elements

The central elements of individualized Career Action Plans typically include:

1. Worker roles including related competencies, interests, and abilities.

2. Learner roles including a record of educational experiences and achievements.

3. Individual roles including information about personal values and health.

4. Family member roles including responsibilities.

Such plans include action steps that enable you to analyze, synthesize, and apply the information acquired. It is important to design the plan in a manner that enables you to think in new ways about the information you have recorded.

Possible barriers to the attainment of goals should be identified. Friendship and support groups should be noted, and role models should be identified. This process of planning, reviewing, revising, and applying is ongoing and cyclical.

Developing a Career Action Plan

The final phase of this career development program is designed to give you an opportunity to apply the concepts and skills that you have learned through the formation of your own personal career action plan.

My Career Action Plan

Defining my concerns

I have carefully reviewed my situation, and the career area I would like to see improved related to...

I am concerned about this situation because...

The major facts that relate to this situation are...

Seeking a solution

The elements of my situation most amenable to change are...

The elements of my situation least amenable to change are...

I would use these indicators to consider my concerns to be satisfactorily resolved...

The forces that I see as unfavorable to (blocking) the hoped-for change are...

The solutions that I see to my concerns are...

The major facts that relate to my concern are...

I see the time frame for my career action plan to be operative as follows...




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