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Achieve Goals With The Goal Setting Tutorial

To achieve goals, a set of skills is required. These can be learned.

The 20 Minute Walk Through Tutorial

Eight concise articles cover the main concepts you need to achieve goals.

Step through this tutorial in about 20 minutes and get a good overview of the main aspects of goal setting.


Setting goals is the first step to turning dreams, ideas, wishes, into REALITY!

The fact you are reading this page indicates you are one of those persons who believes in constant, never-ending improvement.

When you set a goal, you commit yourself to a CAN DO attitude.

Just take 20 minutes to read over the following eight articles. They will give you a broad overview of how to achieve goals.

This tutorial will give you the fuel you need to unleash the power to achieve goals in your life.

Start here:

The Goal Setting Blueprint

Step 1 - Intense Desire: Rocket Fuel For When You Set Goals!

Step 2 - Writing Goals Down Ties Them Up!

Step 3 - To Reach Goals: Bypass Resistance & Gather Assistance

Step 4 - Goal Planning: Use Deadlines As Lifelines

Step 5 - Goal Objectives: Looking Ahead To Get Ahead With Planning

Step 6 - When Reaching Goals Use Mental Pictures: Put An MGM Studio In Your Head!

Step 7 - Achieving Goals: The Remaining 90% - Sheer Persistence

Just exactly why is achieving goals a key ingredient to progress in life and business?

Setting a goal kicks into motion interesting chains of events that can lead to the eventual realization of that goal.

The brain is constantly evaluating and filtering information. Once you set a goal you flag a particular area as being very important to the mind. The mind now starts being more aware of factors related to that goal.

It's not that these factors were not there before, it's probably that they were just filtered out because they were not on your priority list.

Now that you have a specific goal in mind, and the more specific the better, you now become aware of things you need, things to avoid, and people that can help you achieve that goal.

You might for example be in conversation with someone and they might just happen to mention something in relation to your goal. You are alerted. You ask questions and find this person is very knowledgeable on the subject or has contacts with people who are experts in the field.

Achieve goals by focusing

Previously that snippet of conversation would have gone unnoticed but now it rings a bell in the mind and you take it up leading you to what could possibly be a very important resource.

That's the power of goal setting!

To achieve goals consistently and regularly educate yourself on the key steps involved by going through the brief tutorial outlined above.

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